Dear followers, i want your help! As some of you may know….

My best friend/fiancé  Kate (KateorDie) and I are madly in love with each other on a purely platonic level, and are going to be celebrating our love and eternal friendship in October at what we’re calling our Friendship Wedding. 

We know some may think its a strange thing to do, but we’re two pretty strange ladies and think that getting “married” on October 13th at dusk on our friends rooftop in downtown Halifax sounds lovely. 

That being said, we are making a wedding playlist of awesome friendship/eternal love songs and I want your input! Send me some songs that you think should be on our playlist! My favourite pick so far is Weezer - My Best Friend. 

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    This is beautiful!
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    Must to include “Origin of Love” by Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
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    Somewhere Over the Rainbow A Capella accompanied by a Ukelele
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    Better Together by Jack Johnson :)
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    I suggest Eye of The Tiger, but I might have read that wrong because of sleeping pills kicking in.
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    This is such a sweet idea.
  12. cherrycancer said: My Best Friend by Queen would be a great “walk down the aisle after the ceremony” song