Im finally all blonde :) and i think i like it :D. One step closer to having hair like abby arcane :P.

I picked up my account at Strange Adventures the other day and have a ton of of new issues to read, by now i can imagine you guys know I’m in love with swamp thing, this issue was intense! i can’t wait to see arcane next issue! and i know some people don’t like the redesign of swampy, but i think he looks badass! If you haven’t already, check out scott snyders swamp thing! the first trade comes out next month! 

I also treated myself to the 1st volume of Hellboy. Ive never read an issue in my life but i know I’m going to love it! mignola is incredible and we all know how i love the satany/demony side of horror movies, i may start reading this one tonight. 

Two other books I’m in love with right now as well are Saga, and Fatale! two very different books, but both really really great. check them out! Saga is only on issue 2! basically just read more comics haha. 


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